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As part of its expansion plan, leveraging its expertise with strong brand presence across the country with well-established different HR Business verticals and to serve its clientele more efficiently & effectively in Metros, Mini-Metros and major cities having good presence of industries or professional institutions, TWARAN is looking for franchisees. We have different kinds of franchisee options including for start-up companies.Individuals/ Organization with excellent entrepreneurial skills, good professional track record, strong networking skills and willingness to invest for building business & growth may be eligible for franchisee.


Our franchisee is either an owner or an multi-brand portfolio or for Women’s Initiative

Owner Opportunity     This form of franchisee is effective for professionals with real desire to be his/her own boss and who enjoy working with top executives in his/her community to help people grow and develop. This will create opportunity for you to earn while creating opportunities to change the lives of people for the better by helping them become inspired, confident and successful

Multi-Brand Portfolio Opportunity   This form of franchisee is effective forprofessionals who already own a consulting / training organization and who believes that adding a best-in-class, world-famous brand in an allied field adds prestige to his/her enterprise and expands his/her opportunities with customers. This is also beneficial for professionals who own a local consulting / training company that has stopped growing.

Women’s Initiative  We strongly believe that women are crucial to economic growth around the world. Till today there is an equality gap in the facets of entrepreneurship between men and women. Thus we strongly attempt to facilitate women entrepreneurs to be our franchisee so that they can nourish and scale up their professional business.

In our franchisee endeavour for women, we would be offering the important and educative entrepreneurial information pertaining to our business. Our facilitation may equip women entrepreneurs with the confidence to see bold ideas through.

If you are interested then send enquiry via email to biztwaran@gmail.com

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