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1.     Dr. RKS Mangesh Dash, Advisor and Co-Founder TWARAN, was the chief whip of the Competency Mapping Process of Hindustan Cocacola Beverages Pvt Ltd at Khurda

2.  Conducted Training Programme on Self-Motivation delivered through LOA process

3.  Conducted Attitude Development Programme for the Cops of Commissionerate of Police Bhubaneswar- Cuttack

4.  Cunducted Psychological Assessments for the Drivers of the pink auto launched by the Cops of Commissionerate of Police Bhubaneswar- Cuttack

5.  Conducted Assessment Development Centre for ESSPL

6.  Associated with Advenz for the Assessment Development Centre

7.  Organisation Turn Around Projects for Vastech Solutions

8.  Pre-Placement and Student Development Programmes for Sikhya “O“ Anusandhan University, Trident Academy of Technology, IGIT Sarang and Gandhi Engineering College

9.  Student Development Programmes for ICAI, ICSI, Srusti Academy of Management

10.  Student Development Programmes for Sanjeevani International

11.  Career Counseling under CSR initiative of NTPC

12.  Quiz Programme under CSR initiative of NTPC

13.  FDP for BJBEM

14.  Involved in Highway Networking Initiative of Indian Oil

15.  A break Through Research in Progress

16.  Special Programmes on Stress Management for Many Corporates

17.  Signature Train The Train Programmes